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Here at Little White Dog you will find original designs and handmade items that will make you smile. We spend a lot of time thinking inside, outside, over, under and most importantly about the box. Take a look around and if you have any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you.

We often ogle Google Maps...August 29th 2013

We often ogle Google Maps......

so imagine how excited we were when we discovered Google Maps ogling our map letters!
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ScribblingMarch 13th 2013

I received a wonderful present back in January but I've been so busy that I barely even had time to play with the box, let alone the thing itself!

I don't really consider myself much of a draw-er (or a drawer!) in the sense that I'd rarely sit down to do some observational sketching to create a picture, but I do have notebooks where I scribble half baked ideas for designing & making things.

I've been very curious about drawing tablets for a long time now and lucky for me a beautifully gift wrapped
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My Mummy Was Born In A MiniFebruary 26th 2013

My Mummy Was Born In A Mini
In our house, back in the very early 1980s, we danced around the living room to the likes of
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Need a cure for the January blues?January 22nd 2013

Need a cure for the January blues?How about a little bottle of something that will cheer you right up, has no calories and won't give you a hangover?
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Happy Christmas from Little White DogDecember 15th 2012

Happy Christmas from Little White DogWe're taking a break this Christmas but don't worry, we'll be back again in January with some new & exciting projects.

The shop will be closed from December 15th until January 3rd so any orders placed during this time will be made and shipped in January.
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And By Itself AndOctober 6th 2012

And By Itself AndForget about celebrity couple nicknames like Brangelina or Bennifer, we think it's time to celebrate the &! Our ampersand paper sculptures are gorgeous by themselves or combined with other letters.

A large customised & is a great wedding gift which can be personalised to represent something that the couple have in common such as:
-The place where they met or got engaged
-Where they live
-Their wedding location or honeymoon destination
-Their wedding song (contact us first to make sure we can find it!)
-Mutual hobbies or interests (tell us a bit about them and we'll see what kind of papers and pictures we have available)
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Where the heart is....April 14th 2012

Where the heart is....

Our latest creation from the studio is our Bespoke Map Papercut.

This personalised treasure map can show the location and coordinates of a special place anywhere in the world.
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Crafting Type 8-12th March 2012March 8th 2012

Crafting Type  8-12th March 2012
Suzie's work is featured in an exhibition entitled Crafting Type at The Factory, Barrow Street, Dublin from March 8th-12th.

The exhibition, curated by Orlaith Ross, "will cross the craft and design divide by exploring the craftsmanship of some of Ireland’s finest visual creatives".
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Momentous MementosJanuary 5th 2012

Momentous MementosWhat do you do with all those used tickets, maps and flyers you pick up on your holidays?
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Take a look at our new studio...September 2nd 2011

Take a look at our new studio...We've moved into our new Little White Dog HQ and we're absolutely loving the extra space to work in (Suzie) and to roll around on the floor (Milo).There's still a bit of confusion about who is supposed to be sitting at the desk and who is supposed to be sitting under it but I'm sure we'll work it out!

Visit our contact page to make an appointment for a studio visit if you'd like to have a chat about some customised letters or to collect something you've ordered.
You can even get Milo to email directions to you!
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This is where I am!July 1st 2011

This is where I am!I entered this piece in the 2011 RDS National Crafts Competition and I'm absolutely thrilled that it has been selected for exhibition! The exhibition is in the RDS Concert Hall and is open (free of charge) on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of July from 10am-5pm, and as part of the RDS Dublin Horse Show from August 3rd to 7th (entry fee applies).

When you're trying to find your way, the natural point you are hoping to find on a map is the marker that says "you are here".

It isn't always easy to find and quite often it isn't there at all.
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Blooming Marvelous Garden LettersMay 3rd 2011

Blooming Marvelous Garden Letters**UPDATE**
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Words of EncouragementApril 11th 2011

Words of EncouragementI had a moment of inspiration yesterday, at the toll plaza on the Portlaoise by-pass to be exact! It happened like this....

I'm not really a morning person and, in general, if I have the opportunity to have a lie-in I just can't resist.
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Look! It's Milo's happy face on a t-shirt!March 11th 2011

Look! It's Milo's happy face on a t-shirt!Each year the Irish Professional Photographers Association, in association with Canon, harnesses the goodwill and photographic skills of its members for the benefit of Irish charities with their Happy Faces event.

Last year we visited Paddy & Emma Clarke for our Happy Faces portraits and Milo's caused quite a stir! It was among the finalists for the Canon Portrait Award and it appears on the t-shirts for this year's Happy Faces 2011.
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Look what just popped up!February 17th 2011

Look what just popped up!We are very, VERY excited to announce that Little White Dog has been selected to exhibit in the Pop-Up Shop at the Royal Hibernian Academy here in Dublin between June 18th and 24th.

Follow this link to the RHA website for more details http://bit.ly/fIvSAO **June Update**
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Tell me a story, GrandadFebruary 11th 2011

Tell me a story, GrandadI love the story of these letters so I thought you might like to hear it too! A customer ordered them as a christening gift for his granddaughter.

The maps are of parts of Limerick, Galway and Dublin that show the place where Sarah lives and the exact places where her parents are from (which are also the places where her grandparents live).
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Little bottles of loveJanuary 20th 2011

Little bottles of love A few years ago I met a lovely man and as a Valentine's Day gift I made him a ribbon message in a bottle.

After a while he asked me to marry him and I said yes*.
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Let it...December 1st 2010

Let it...We're having some pretty severe weather here in Dublin at the moment with Arctic snow, thunder, lightening and freeeeezing temperatures as low as minus 10.

Not your usual soggy Irish November! Its great weather for staying in, making 3D letters and updating neglected blogs (sorry!).
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Etsy Ireland Artist Trading Card SwapSeptember 3rd 2010

Etsy Ireland Artist Trading Card SwapArtist Trading Cards (ATCs) are small works of art (64mm x 89mm) that are traded between artists to share and promote their work.

I decided to get involved in the Etsy Ireland ATC swap which is being hosted by Virginie from ViviBijoux.
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The Airfield Baah-zaarMay 29th 2010

The Airfield Baah-zaar This morning, after weeks of preparation, littlewhitedog.ie left the virtual world and entered reality for the day at the first ever Airfield Bazaar.

Nervousness and excitement had me wide awake half an hour before the alarm went off, and a peek out the window revealed a soggy, rainy morning.
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Art is...May 21st 2010

Art is...One of my favourite things about selling on Etsy is getting messages from people saying that they love what they see in my shop, and asking whether I can create a special customised item for them.

This is when I begin to get inspired! My 3D letter T made from a Dublin Map was recently featured in Etsy’s blog, The Storque, and my 3D letter S made from a book page made it to the Etsy front page as part of a lovely collection of bookish items.These two happy occurrences have brought some great enquiries such as: “Would it be possible to get a letter made from a London Map?"
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PrudenceMay 7th 2010

PrudenceMilo and I are in this month’s Prudence magazine! Along with five other Irish Etsy businesses, Little White Dog has been included in their ‘Recessionpreneurs’ series of articles about people who have started new enterprises in the midst of the **whisper** recession.

You can have a further peak at the article here on the Etsy Ireland Blog.
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The Joys of SpringFebruary 20th 2010

The Joys of SpringI love living in our little cottage but for a while now my creativity has been outgrowing the limited space available.

My, emm, previous landlords suggested that I could use their spare room for my work so this week I made it all happen.
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I ♥ lighthousesJanuary 30th 2010

I ♥ lighthousesI’ve always wanted to live in a lighthouse and once, for a week, I did.

This day 10 years ago I was getting ready for my 21st birthday party at this lighthouse in Wicklow.
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I'm ready for my close-up!January 26th 2010

I'm ready for my close-up!Last Saturday Milo & I went for a bit of an excursion to Ranelagh Gardens to see a hot air balloon launch commemorating the 225th anniversary of the first manned flight in Ireland.

Foggy weather conditions and off shore winds on the day meant that it couldn’t take off, but it was still an impressive sight to see the enormous balloon being inflated.
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