Out for a w-a-l-k   Photo by  Gareth Byrne ... the other human around here. 

Out for a w-a-l-k

Photo by Gareth Byrne... the other human around here. 

Little White Dog is a craft and design studio based in Dublin, Ireland. We create personalised, handmade gifts that make people smile. We know that our customers are looking for an original way to tell someone that they are special and loved, and to make them feel happy. We try to imagine every step from seeing the item online, to receiving it in the post, to presenting the gift to the recipient, and we do our best to create a delightful experience all the way.

Suzie Murphy is the designer and maker behind Little White Dog. If it’s in our shop she dreamed it up and made it too! Her background is in architecture and model making. Having always enjoyed making gifts and cards for family and friends, she decided to set up an online shop in 2009 and share her talents with the world. Milo is the actual little white dog and chief footwarmer. We also have a little black dog, Holly, who makes sure we take breaks for nice long walks because that’s where some of the best inspiration happens.