Little White Dog in the Irish Times

We were excited and delighted to be featured in the Irish Times Magazine on Saturday, 16th of January 2016. I still can't stop smiling at the idea of our ribbon messages being "like something from a Wes Anderson movie or Amélie". 

Postal Riposte: what we're doing during the postal strike


*UPDATE* The postal strike has been called off but we are so happy that things are back to normal that we are continuing the special offer until midnight on Friday, October 9th 2015!

The last thing I wanted to hear on a Friday afternoon was unexpected news of a postal strike. On the 2nd of October, An Post (the Irish Postal service)  advised customers not to post any mail until further notice and there I was with a box full of UK and international orders ready to go! 

I weighed up my options and decided that "Little White Dog's customers not getting their orders on time" was not a viable option. A little bit of internet research told me that there was a Post Office just across the border in Northern Ireland which was open until 9pm on Fridays. So we popped all the parcels into the car and headed for Newry, Co. Down to send them with Royal Mail.

We arrived at 8pm (in plenty of time! yay!) only to be told that there was a mistake on the website and that the post office actually closes at 5.30 every day (no-no-noooo! We just drove 130 kilometres from Dublin to get here!).  Back into the car with all the parcels (sigh!). A bit more internet research told us that there was another Post Office 30 kilometres away that was open until 10pm (ah sure, we're here anyway so we may as well give it a try). We arrived at a supermarket in Newtownhamilton a while later not really expecting this story to end happily at all. The little Post Office kiosk in the corner of the shop was dark and empty (hmmm, I thought as much) but then the shop assistant at the main counter said "I'll just get someone to open the Post Office for you now". A very kind and patient post mistress appeared and helped me to work out the right options for sending each of the parcels. Off they all went on their merry way to their destinations, and off we went on ours back home to Dublin (phew!).

Hopefully the strike at An Post will be resolved quickly, but there is a possibility that it will last for up to two weeks. In the meantime Little White Dog will be taking orders almost as normal. 

What do I mean by "almost "? Well, orders will be dispatched on Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons only. International orders will be sent via Royal Mail and Irish orders will be delivered by courier. Most importantly though, we are offering 20% off orders of €60 or more on while the An Post service is shut down! Just use the code PostHaste at the checkout. This is a bit unusual because we don't usually have sales or special offers here at Little White Dog and I don't have any plans to make it a regular thing. This offer will only last until I can start sending our mail with An Post again, which might be tomorrow or it might be in two weeks time, who knows? 

You might be wondering whether we're offering 20% off but then charging you an arm and a leg for postage. Not at all! Our standard postal charges will stay the same. Standard delivery within Ireland is free but might take a day or two longer (3-4 days from dispatch rather than 1-2). International delivery charges and estimated delivery times will stay the same (free standard delivery to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most European locations, and €3.00 for the rest of the world). Tracked international delivery is also available for an additional fee. Click here for more information about delivery times and making times for specific products. 

So, if you have a special occasion coming up (an engagement, a wedding, a birthday or even Christmas... is it too early to plan ahead for Valentine's day? I think not) and you would like to order a gift from Little White Dog then now is a very, very good time to do it. Tell your friends, tell your family! On the other hand if you are one of our customers for whom Little White Dog is the secret weapon in your gift giving arsenal then sshhhhh, quietly avail of this rather lovely offer and tell no one, you sly fox, you.

If you have any questions at all about our products, delivery, specific map locations for map art products or anything at all* you can contact me (Suzie) here


*Such as any concerns, questions or suggestions you may have about the fact that I have a little black dog (Holly) as well as a little white dog (Milo) but that Holly doesn't seem to have a website named after her! This issue gets raised quite a lot actually.




Our latest *ahem* development...

Remember when you had to send your camera film away to be developed? The long wait to finally see photos taken days or weeks before? Well, hooray for the instant gratification of digital photography! We’ve found another use for 35mm film casings and it involves ribbon…. lots of ribbon. Compose your message, choose from one of seven bright casing colours and nine vintage canister styles and we’ll do the rest.  

Click here to visit the Little White Dog shop for more information about our personalised Message in a 35mm Film Canister

A peek at our studio

We took some time off in July to scamper about at the beach, escape from the pinging call of the email and to spruce things up around here.  The fact that I can’t find any photos of how the studio looked before last month tells me that, while I was happy enough working in it, I wasn’t exactly excited about it the space itself. 

We moved things around a bit, went shopping (IKEA and beyond!), did some DIY with drills and saws and things, brought about a ton of cardboard to the recycling centre, sat back, admired our handywork but wondered what was missing... and bought a fern (ta-dah!).

When it was finished we took some photos to give you a little tour while it's still tidy (with Milo & Holly modelling beautifully!)


Message in a Bottle Gift Box

Once in a while a project comes along that is a little bit out of the ordinary. We received an order for thirty messages in bottles, each with a unique message, in our full range of 17 ribbon colours. The customer wanted to give her best friend a 30th birthday gift of "30 reasons why you're my bestie and keep my life colourful!". 

I designed and made a special gift box that would keep the bottles safe in transit and also look good as a presentation box.

Before posting it I took some photos... and in the process I got a bit carried away and made a little stop-motion video!

You can see the results in the video and the photo gallery below.