The Airfield Baah-zaar

 This morning, after weeks of preparation, left the virtual world and entered reality for the day at the first ever Airfield Bazaar.

Nervousness and excitement had me wide awake half an hour before the alarm went off, and a peek out the window revealed a soggy, rainy morning.

Paper letters and soggy weather are a great combination.....for papier maché (oh dear!).

When we arrived at Airfield Farm......

and I found my table in the tent I wasn’t so sure about this rainy market business.

But it was when I was halfway through setting out my wares and the table collapsed and all my letters slid onto the ground that Gareth had to grab the back of my jumper to stop me running away! After a stern word (from Gareth), a cup of tea and some carpet tape (from a neighbouring stallholder) we got the table firmly back on its feet and by 11am we were up and running.

From there it was plain sailing! The Bazaar had a great mix of crafts, vintage clothes, retro furniture, books & bric-a-brac and all the stallholders created a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

I had lots of enquiries about my cards and 3D letters, and lots of lovely customers too! I might even do it again!