Fada Christmas

It turns out that Santa Claus believes in little white dogs! Admittedly Milo did go all out leaving a glass of milk, belgian biscuits, a carrot for Rudolf that was hardly nibbled at all, not to mention donning his reindog antlers with bells on. He was rewarded with a squeeky duck (squeek! squeek!) and some luxury dog biscuits. “Well, isn’t Santa the clever fella?”

The last pre-Christmas letter box project involved an acute accent. A cute Irish accent in fact! In the Irish language the acute accent (seen here over á é í ó ú) is called a “síneadh fada” or usually just a “fada”. I was asked to make the name SEÁN in letter boxes which gave me the opportunity to make a fada and find a way to get it to hover.  It’s a little box all of its own that wiggles happily over the A and is detachable for packing while in transit. Keep an eye out for more punctuation in the new year!