The Joys of Spring

I love living in our little cottage but for a while now my creativity has been outgrowing the limited space available.

My, emm, previous landlords suggested that I could use their spare room for my work so this week I made it all happen.

Monday was spent buying furniture and bits & pieces, Tuesday waiting for the van to deliver my furniture, Wednesday assembling everything (I just might be the only person in the world who enjoys assembling flat-pack furniture!), Thursday moving my boxes & tidying, and by Friday I was working in my new studio! How happy-making it is not to have to get up on a chair and unpack boxes every time I’m making something! Its also giving me the motivation to get up and out every morning, even Saturday.

Milo loves his new routine of a walk in the park before ‘work’ and then settling down disguised as a designer cushion on his new day-bed in the studio, with the odd bit of barking at passing cats/dogs/magpies during the day.

We’re looking forward to Monday already!

ps You can see some more images of my studio in this article on the Etsy Ireland Blog