Tell me a story, Grandad

I love the story of these letters so I thought you might like to hear it too! A customer ordered them as a christening gift for his granddaughter. The maps are of parts of Limerick, Galway and Dublin that show the place where Sarah lives and the exact places where her parents are from (which are also the places where her grandparents live). The cute paper on the 'A's adds a little bit of a baby girly feel and I like to think it represents the countryside in between the cities. If you ever went on long journeys as a child to visit relatives and spent a lot of time looking out the car window at lambs in the fields, birdies in the trees you'll know what I mean! The letters were framed after this photo was taken. I'm sure that Sarah will cherish this gift from her Grandad, that tells her a little bit about her own story, for many years to come.