This is where I am!

I entered this piece in the 2011 RDS National Crafts Competition and I'm absolutely thrilled that it has been selected for exhibition! The exhibition is in the RDS Concert Hall and is open (free of charge) on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of July from 10am-5pm, and as part of the RDS Dublin Horse Show from August 3rd to 7th (entry fee applies).

When you're trying to find your way, the natural point you are hoping to find on a map is the marker that says "you are here". It isn't always easy to find and quite often it isn't there at all. Sometimes you need to stop looking at where you have been or where you want to go in order to make sense of things. Just be where you are.

I'm quite excited because this is an important piece of work for me.

It represents a personal journey for me as a designer and craftsperson. I spent many years training to be an architect and in 2009 I found myself at a point where I was unemployed and my job prospects were pretty bleak. It gave me the space think about what I really like doing, to create new designs and to find my own direction. I think it’s an experience that I share with a lot of people in Ireland at the moment, because over the past year I've met lots of them through in the past year through Etsy Ireland, a start your own business course, and just yesterday at the "Craft Means Business" conference at Farmleigh.

Each letter in YOU ARE HERE is 100mm tall and made from a different Irish map. The map is applied to a flat piece of A4 recycled card, which is then cut, folded and glued to create a 3d letter.

The Exhibition will be at the RDS Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show from August 3rd to 7th. It will be open to the public (free of charge) on Thursday, July 28th and Friday, July 29th from 10am to 5pm