Where the heart is....

Our latest creation from the studio is our Bespoke Map Papercut. This personalised treasure map can show the location and coordinates of a special place anywhere in the world. It's the perfect gift to celebrate an engagement, wedding, anniversary or the arrival of a new baby.

Each unique piece is made with an original map from our collection of old maps and atlases. The raised heart shows a town, city or area, and the cut-out coordinates give an exact location within the heart. It could be the place where someone was born, where a couple met or married, or where they live.

You can either give us the exact latitude and longitude or tell us an address and let us find the coordinates for you. We can also add name(s) and date below the map if you wish.

The Bespoke Map Papercut is available in the Little White Dog shop

We'll need to know:

-Location for the heart (e.g. town, city or place anywhere in the world)

-Coordinates for a specific location within the heart or an address/landmark

-(optional) Date and/or name(s) to be handwritten below the map (e.g. "Tom & Mary" and "24th July 1972"