And By Itself And

Forget about celebrity couple nicknames like Brangelina or Bennifer, we think it's time to celebrate the &! Our ampersand paper sculptures are gorgeous by themselves or combined with other letters.

A large customised & is a great wedding gift which can be personalised to represent something that the couple have in common such as:

-The place where they met or got engaged

-Where they live

-Their wedding location or honeymoon destination

-Their wedding song (contact us first to make sure we can find it!)

-Mutual hobbies or interests (tell us a bit about them and we'll see what kind of papers and pictures we have available)

The ampersand symbol is a combination of the letters "et", the Latin word for "and".  Its use can be traced back as far as Roman times. The word "ampersand" comes from the phrase "and per se and " meaning"and by itself and". You can debate whose name goes first in a couple: ladies first (Elizabeth & Darcy), leading man (Romeo & Juliet), in order of rank (Victora & Albert) or alphabetical order (Cathy & Heathcliff) but, whichever you decide, that ampersand in the middle is the perfect symbol for tying the knot.

Prices start at €50 for a large, 14.5cm, customised ampersand (but we can make smaller ones too). All of our map art and paper sculptures are presented in gift boxes, ready to give.