Need a cure for the January blues?

How about a little bottle of something that will cheer you right up, has no calories and won't give you a hangover?

The thing is, I think I've invented the best job in the whole world ever. I spend my days taking people's love messages, typing them on ribbons, putting them in little bottles and sending them around the world. It's impossible to feel unhappy doing this. In the past few days I've typed messages of love, hope and happiness, a marriage proposal, a message from a wife telling her husband he's going to be a daddy, and several slightly cryptic ones that I can only guess the meaning of.  

What impresses me most is people's ability to say all that needs to be said in just a few words. I give a forty word limit because that's roughly the amount of ribbon that will fit comfortably in a bottle. Some people use slightly more than forty words (that's ok... as long as all forty words aren't "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"!) and others sum it all up in as few as three. 

I'm often asked "What do people write???" (the inquisitors do the extra question marks with emphasis and wiggly eyebrows). The truth is, I concentrate on the messages while I'm typing them to make sure I get them right and then I pack them up and forget them. By the time I get to the post office I can usually recollect the general sentiments but not the exact words. They're not mine to remember or to share so I don't do either.