I received a wonderful present back in January but I've been so busy that I barely even had time to play with the box, let alone the thing itself!

I don't really consider myself much of a draw-er (or a drawer!) in the sense that I'd rarely sit down to do some observational sketching to create a picture, but I do have notebooks where I scribble half baked ideas for designing & making things. I've been very curious about drawing tablets for a long time now and lucky for me a beautifully gift wrapped  Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet arrived on my birthday thanks to my lovely husband, Gareth.

It's like a giant, pressure sensitive touchpad that you can use with a special stylus or with your finger. The stylus takes a bit of getting used to because you're drawing with your hand but looking at the computer screen instead of the drawing surface. When I discovered an animation app I thought that drawing almost the same thing over and over, frame by frame, would be good practice and increase my accuracy. I decided to do something with the Little White Dog logo (since that was one of my own scribblings in the first place) and then I added some music in iMovie. You can click here to see my 16 second video. Watch this space for more scribblings to come!